My story

My motto:

“Feel attractive in yourself to attract others and highlight your natural beauty”.

The excellence of these oils combined with various delicious fragrances provides true innovation.
The first Shampoo and Conditioner that you can customize with exceptionally high-quality products of natural origin for your hair.
A real revolution!

« I’ve always been that little girl walking barefoot by the ocean. Like beloved childhgood memories, I’ve always cherished this connection with nature and the elements »

Patricia has a fascination with the fragrances of flowers and different plants, instantly grasping they are a source for happiness and refuge for her mind. « fragrances make every moment unforgettable »

A world traveler, She often reflects on images and scents from different parts of the world she encountered during her journeys. She has met and connected with people who introduced her to many rare and intoxicating fragrances used for healing and medicinal purposes, produced from different plants. Her guiding principle – gather and share your most treasured experiences.

Her Favorite room in her house is the bathroom, a room dedicated to relaxation and well-being, but for Patricia it is also a place of refuge, enabling her to become an expert in concocting different combinations of healthy, fragrant and natural products on her own.

This is how Mon SHAMPOING was born! Patricia, an unconditional lover of the beaches and islands of the Caribbean’s, dreamt of creating a unique experience by customizing hair products with the highest quality ingredients and a professional hairdresser touch encapsulated within an incredible journey for the senses.

With Mon SHAMPOING, Patricia was aiming to transform a regular haircare routine into an enchanting experience of well-being. Close your eyes and you are no longer standing in a bathroom, your feet touching the beachy hot sand, enjoying all the incredible refreshing benefits of haircare routine in a Fiji Islands setting. Patricia’s goal was to create an experience for all women, quality time dedicated to returning to one’s self.

And just like that, be careful of little girls walking barefoot on a sandy beach – they are able to change the world.