Regular exercise is one of the most important components of a wellness practice — as hard as it can be to get motivated. Whether you prefer to go to yoga or would rather hit up the gym, we can all benefit holistically from flexing our muscles and getting moving. Although gym and studio memberships are expensive, exercise is so important to overall health that it is worth prioritizing it. (If that means a luxury gym membership, no judgment here.)

In terms of self-care, exercising is a crucial for both mind and body wellness. Physical exercise is such a great anxiety reducer that a respected New York psychiatrist, Herbert Lessow MD, once referred to the endorphins released by exercise as “nature’s antidepressant.”

It is also necessary for detox. The lymph system is the body’s natural mechanism for ridding the body of toxins, using the movement of lymph fluid to cleanse internally via the lymph nodes. But there is no internal mechanism to get lymph fluid to moving on its own, which is why wellness fans turn to lymphatic massage, body work, and physical exercise to prevent the over-accumulation of internal toxins (which can lead to disease and other health woes).

Of course, you can also expect beauty benefits from your exercise regimen. Regular exercise has been shown to boost skin elasticity and improve circulation, and we are all familiar with the muscle toning and weight loss effects it has on physique. If you spend ten minutes sweating in the sauna or cleansing your pores in the steam room, your skin will show the difference.

Whether you find yourself suffering from muscle soreness or facial redness, there are countless ways to infuse wellness into your work-outs. Shop 15 of them below.



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